* CLICK για επιστροφή στον Ελληνικό οδηγό, Θεσσαλονίκη χωρίς γλουτένη – gluten free Thessaloniki(GR) *

Gluten Free MAP of Thessaloniki

You can find my list of restaurants and GF spots categorized and after that, a detailed list of all entries with links, addresses and some reviews.
* updated (Summer 2022) *

If you still feel insecure about your gluten free explorations in the city of Thessaloniki
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Gatidis Fresh (center, Kalamaria, Charilaou, Ampelokipi), GF
Artokratoras(Martiou Area), GF
Ιce creams, sweets
Frozen Yogurt Cafe (Martiou Area), GF
Maison du Macaron (center), GF
Leonidas Pralines (center), GF – F

Restaurants –
Places to eat out
The Dubliner (Ladadika, city center), GF,  * New Entry *
Ta Tria Gourounakia (city center) , GF, * New Entry *
Nikiforos (Kalamaria), GF

Nea Diagonios (Kalamaria), GF
Plateia Skra (Kalamaria), GF
Faidimos (Oreokastro), GF, * New address * 
Basilico Pizza (center), GF
Kopsidi & Mpoukovo (Neapoli ), GF * Closed for now – summer 2022*
To Manitari (Kalamaria – Sofouli), GF * New Entry *

Charoupi (Ladadika, city center), GF – F

Deka Trapezia (city center) ,GF – F

TGI Fridays (center, Med. Cosmos), GF – F
“Fast” food Paradosiako (center), GF
Socratis (Charilaou), GF
FishFish (Kalamaria),  GF * New entry Kalamaria, takeaway only *
Pax (center, Med. Cosmos), GF – F
Valitsa (center), GF
Youkali (center), GF
Epavli Marokkou(Analipsi Area), GF
U fleku (center), GF
Pelosof (center), GF 

Archegono (Martiou Area), GF
Bio shops Ellinikon- Green Family (center, Kalamaria, Panorama), GF
To pantopolio (center), GF
Olicatessen (center), GF
Green House (Kalamaria), GF
Martha’s Pharmacy (center), GF
Bio Healthy Food (center), GF
Foodie’s Shop (Kalamaria), GF

Shop for home

Tyrolino (Thessaloniki, Kato Toumpa), GF
Chicken Koriniotis (Kalamaria), GF
Panagiotakis Sausages(center), GF
Marks & Spencer (center), GF
Beer 24 (center), GF
Roots (center), vGF-F

GF: Gluten Free. Special gluten free menu or list of products
GF-F: Gluten Free Friendly. No special gluten free menu but you can find some choices from people that they serve gluten free and are aware(at a good level) of cross contamination.
vGF-F: Vegan Gluten Free Friendly. Vegan or vegetarian with some gluten free choices. Beware of cross contamination.


Gatidis Fresh, gatidis.gr and facebook.com/gatidisfresh
Bakery-Patisserie, gluten free sweet & salty snacks.

43 Agias Sofias(Egnatia) Center Bakery
23 Ethn. Antistasis, Kalamaria
63 Ι. Passalidi, Kalamaria
31 Metamorfoseos, Kalamaria
164 Gr. Lambraki, Thessaloniki
89 Αl. Papanastasiou, Thessaloniki
76 El. Venizelou, Ampelokipoi

An every day “must stop” of a celiac. Cookies, bread, pastry gluten free choices(frozen as well) to take away. More..

Paradosiako, facebook.com/paradosiako.net
Coffee & snacks
3 Aristotelous & 28 Tsimiski, Thessaloniki center

Gluten free paradise with different choices to take with you, gluten free sweet & salty snacks, sandwiches, pies & more, ready-made to eat

Artokratoras, facebook.com/Artokratoras gluten free
Bakery with a special department with gluten free goods.
13 Al. Papadiamanti, Thessaloniki (Martiou Area)

Amazing gluten free baked and pastry delicacies.

FYC Frozen Yogurt Cafe, facebook.com/FYCThessaloniki
Gluten free frozen yogurt and toppings.
49 Kritis, Thessaloniki (Martiou Area)

Best Frozen Yogurt of the city of Thessaloniki is also gluten free! Gina and her girls can offer you a great frozen yogurt with gluten free toppings.! NEW ENTRY, order and enjoy some fresh, “incredible” gluten free waffles! Photos & my review in Greek!

Maison du Macaron, facebook.com/maisondumacaron
Gluten Free macarons
7 P.Patron Germanou, Thessaloniki (center)

Sweet & salty, delicious gluten free macarons.

The Dubliner, facebook.com/thedublinergreece
Irish restaurant
16 Katouni, Ladadika, Thessaloniki center

Amazing gluten free choices, burger with GF bun, fish ‘n chips, salads, wraps etc.

Ta 3 Gourounakia,tatriagourounakia.gr
7 Kapodistriou, Thessaloniki center

You can choose from a gluten free menu and enjoy the nice atmosphere. Don’t miss the hot chocolate soup with gluten free cookies!

Nikiforos, nikiforos-taverna.gr
Restaurant/Greek tavern.
23 Thermaikou, Vizantio, Thessaloniki

The first restaurant with GF choices in Thessaloniki. Greek cuisine with many delicious gluten free choices.

Nea diagonios, neadiagonios.gr
Meat Restaurant.
NEW ADDRESS – 64A Themistokli Sofouli, Kalamaria, Thessaloniki

Ask for gluten free choices, traditional gyros and other dishes. Photos & my review in Greek!

To Manitari to-manitari.gr
57 Sofouli, Thessaloniki, Kalamaria

Choose safely from an amazing Gluten Free Menu and thank me later!

Faidimos, facebook.com/faidimos
98 Kontaxopoulou, Oreokastro

Ask for delicious gluten free choices, in a place some kilometers out of Thessaloniki.  Photos & my review in Greek!

Gluten Free Kopsidi & Mpoukovo, facebook.com/Gluten-Free-Κοψίδι-Μπούκοβο
* CLOSED for summer 2022 * 50 Panagi Tsaldari, Neapoli, Thessaloniki

Great gluten free choices, with GF pita bread too!!! Amazing spot, west side of the city.

Italian restaurant.
49 L. Nikis, Thessaloniki center

Gluten free pizzas in the menu! Enjoy it with a great view.

Sokratis, sokratisgrill.business.site
Grill, greek tavern.
8 Gymnasiarxou Stefanou, Charilaou, Thessaloniki

Ask from mr. Sokratis for a special, delicious gluten free gyros plate (no pita/bun).

Plateia Skra, facebook.com/plateia.skra
Skra square, Kalamaria

Delicious gluten free choices from a great menu, salads, greek “tapas”, fish or meat. Mr Kostas is there to help you decide! Photos & my review in Greek

Fish Fish, facebook.com/FishFishSKG
Fishes/Sea food – Takeaway
46 Mitr. Kidonion, Thessaloniki, Kalamaria

Order in advance to enjoy GF coated fried sea food, cooked fishes etc. Just perfect. ONLY takeaway!

TGI Fridays, fridays.gr
American restaurant, bar & grill.
3 Aristotelous square, Thessaloniki Center & at Mediterranean Cosmos.

Get in touch with the manager in advance. American style gluten free choices, meat or pasta.

Valitsa, facebook.com/valitsabeer24pub
Beer pub & bottle shop
5 Verias, Thessaloniki center

Enjoy or buy for home a Greek organic gluten free “Nissos All Day”, a Daura, a Vagabond or a Czech gluten free beer!

U Fleku, facebook.com/uflekugr
4 Vaiou, Thessaloniki center

Enjoy a great cold czech gluten beer & others.

Epavli Marokkou, facebook.com/epavlimarokkou
Restaurant, Cafe Bar.
133 Vas. Olgas, Thessaloniki Analipsi Area

Enjoy a Vagabont Brewdog pale ale beer & others in a great building and atmosphere.

Archegono, facebook.com/ΑΡΧΕΓΟΝΟ
12 Martiou, Thessaloniki

Pelosof, facebook.com/pelosofskg
Bar, Cafe
22 Tsimiski, Thessaloniki

Enjoy a great GF Daura beer in beautiful place

Golden Star, goldenstarhotel.com
73 Pavlou Kountouriotou, Perea

To pantopoleio, to-pantopolio.gr
Delicacy Shop, gluten free & bio products
12 Komninon, Thessaloniki center

Ellinikon, greenfamily.gr
Vegan, gluten free & bio shop.

5 Mitropolitou Gennadiou, Thessaloniki Center
24 Komninon, Thessaloniki Center
26 Vatikiotou, Thessaloniki Center
15 Metamorfoseos, Kalamaria
34 Them. Sofouli, Kalamaria
27 Komninon Avenue, Panorama

Green House, greenhousebio.gr
Vegan, gluten free & bio shop.
108 Mitropolitou Grigoriou Kallidou, Kalamaria

Οlicatessen, facebook.com/olicatessenskg
Delicacy Shop, bio, vegan και gluten free products
4 V. Hugo, Thessaloniki Center

Martha’s Pharmacy, marthaspharmacy.gr
A great range of Gluten free products ( e-shop as well)
Fragon 2-4, Thessaloniki Center

Healthy Bio Food, www.facebook.com/biohealthyfood.gr
Gluten free & bio products.
Olympou 22, Thessaloniki center
e-shop : biohealthyfood.gr

Foodie’s Shop, facebook.com/foodiesshopGR
Deli boutique, gluten free, vegan, bio & etc.
29 Thermaikou, Thessaloniki, Kalamaria

Leonidas Pralines, leonidas-chocolates.gr
Gluten free pralines.
72 Mitropoleos, Thessaloniki Center

Ask for specific gluten free choices.

Tyrolino, tyrolino.gr
Czech Gluten Free beers & more.
17 Amfipoleos, Toumpa, Thessaloniki

Buy your gluten free czech beers & more for home.

Marks & Spencer
Snacks & more.
45 Tsimiski, Thessaloniki Center

Visit the food department for take away gluten free treats.

Koriniotis Dimitrios
Chicken products.
47 Pontou, Kalamaria

Order & buy gluten free chicken burgers, nuggets etc for cooking at home.

Panagiotakis Sausages
Traditional Tzoumagias sausages.
12 Vas. Georgiou, Thessaloniki

Buy gluten free traditional greek tzoumagias sausages for home.

Cafe Youkali, facebook-Youkali
Gluten free beer & more.
6 Ethn. Aminis, Thessaloniki Center

Enjoy a gluten free beer next to the White Tower or taste some greek meze as well. Consult with the chef for some dishes also.

Deka Trapezia, facebook.com/dekatrapezia/
4 Stratigou Kalari. Thessaloniki, Center

Consult with the chefs for some amazing, creative “meze” style dishes

Pax Homemade Burgers, paxburgers.gr
8 El. Venizelou & Kalapothaki  & at Mediterranean Cosmos.

Ask for a bunless gluten free burger, potatoes, salads & more.

Charoupi, xaroupi.gr
Cretan restaurant.
4 Doksis, Thessaloniki Center

Ask for awarded chef Manolis Papoutsakis,  for some gluten free choices of super, creative cretan cuisine. Photos & my review in Greek…

Roots, facebook/roots.vegan
Vegan & vegetarian.
4-6 Mpalanou, Thessaloniki Center

Some gluten free choices. * Check for cross contamination

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A day without gluten in Thessaloniki
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